The Cooperation Between Kiehl’s & Happysouvenirs

Do you know Kiehl’s?


Let me guess, if you know, you must be a people who is always leading edge of the fashion. But, if you don’t know it, maybe you should pay more attention on the popularity and changes in the field of fashion. People who were born in new age can not be out of step.

Kiehl’s is famous for its skin care products all over the world now, even though it started as a single pharmacy in Manhattan which sold honey, and herb, etc in 1851. Further, Kiehl’s has got the approval from America Smithsonian Institution.


Kiehl’s relies on its professional knowledge, experience and the spirit of focusing on the high quality of products to produce and serve for its customer. Nowadays, many of Hollywood stars keep their loyalty for Kiehl’s products.

We are pleased and confident to cooperate with Kiehl’s——a brand combined nature and city. The spirits of Happysouvenirs is also focusing on the high quality of products and the customers’ experience. I mean there are some common points between Kiehl’s and Happysouvenirs. We are so happy that can cooperate with such a brand which owns similar spirits  with us.

Quality and customers is the motivations of us.  Look the pictures, you can see clearly the details about our product. Pay your attention to the little characters inside, it’s so exquisite and beautiful, all of its beauty should owe to our excellent craftsmen. Thanks for their efforts to the beautiful artcraft.

If you also want to customize these exquisite artcrafts, please let us know, just contact us, Happysouvenirs will make the best efforts to satisfy your requirements.