• About happysouvenirs

    Dongguan Happysouvenirs Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a professional developer, designer and manufacturer of tourist souvenirs, high-end business gifts and presents. We have long-term advantages in producing all kinds of multi-function music crystal ball, resin water ball and various types material fridge magnets, keyrings and decorative crafts ornaments.

Our products are well sold to more than 80 countries, the quality has reached to the standard of EU.


At the annual exhibition, we have guests from all over the world who are specialized in souvenirs and gifts.  They have great interest in our products and have established long-term cooperation relationships with us.


Trademark Registration Certificate

Habermask® is the trademark of Dongguan Happysouvenirs Co., Ltd.

A number of Design patent certificate

Happysouvenirs has walked one step ahead in the protection of intellectual property rights in the resin crafts industry. It has applied for nearly 30 self-developed and designed products “Design Patent Certificate”.

Sedex Certificate

Our factory was implemented in 2016 and passed the Sedex certification. The certification includes working hours, working environment and so on. We are a regular factory that strictly abides by the law and strictly enforces ethical standards in accordance with the scope of business.

Our 5 core advantages


Professional design and development team

Multiple ideas offer choice or reference

* Free design

Rich product line

In addition to resin products, but also covers a variety of materials tourist attractions crafts

Low-volume products for the batch

Bear the pressure on your inventory to minimize risk

Eliminate the annoyance that the suppliers may do not match  because of the small number of products ordered

Rich experience in product display

Learn advanced experience from foreign guests

Help you enhance the display level of products

A good after-sales service

Continuous after-sales service and product quality assurance.

So you will have no worries.

* Note: only offer free design for a small part of products

Gather talents in the industry

Since its establishment, the company has started to develop its own products, accumulated and expanded foreign trade, and gradually entered a broader field of cooperation. The company has gathered a group of high-quality talents with a working age of more than 8 years in the industry, actively exploring in the field of handicrafts, deepening and developing a variety of products business. It owns three major business units, namely, tourist souvenirs, home accessories and sculpture engineering. The service has covered large-scale FRP sculptures, home accessories, tourist crafts souvenirs and other fields.

  • The company’s core staff

    We have gathered an excellent talent team in the industry. In product development, we have our own designers, engravers, sample makers and long-term partnerships with top designers and engravers in the industry to meet different requirements on product development.

Cooperation with top international brands

We have long-term production of craft gifts and souvenirs for well-known corporate brands in Europe, America and Japan, such as Sanrio, Zara HOME, Disney, Wal-Mart. Europe, Japan and other countries have strict requirements on product quality, which makes us strive for excellence, pay more attention to the improvement of details and the enhancement of process technology. At the same time, we have accumulated a wealth of market and industry experience, which makes the quality of the products produced stable and reliable. We have passed the SGS inspection in the whole production process of the products. At least 8 inspection points are used in each production process to ensure that the products meet the international quality standards and customer requirements. In 2016, we passed the certification of Sedex and passed the certification of Disney in 2018.

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Some of the co-brands

Various kinds of model exhibition hall

The samples in Happysouvenirs’ showroom include fridge magnets, mini fridge magnets, snow balls, decorative ornaments, hanging ornaments, keyrings, etc.; Tourist souvenirs, craft gifts are made covering materials of the resin, soft rubber, metal, glass, ceramics, textile materials , etc., and the total number of samples is nearly ten thousand.