• Snow Globe

    Snowball (also known as crystal ball) is the main product of Happy Souvenirs. With 13 years of experience in designing, developmening and manufacturing, Snow Ball is not only a good carrier for tourist souvenirs, but has also become a popular trend for high-end gifts and free gifts.

  • Exquisite Decorations

    The boutique decoration is the main product of Happyouvenirs and it is one of the best carriers for home decoration ornaments, high-end gifts and tourist souvenirs.

  • Fridge Magnets

    The fridge magnet is the leading product of Happy Souvenirs. It has more than 10 years of experience in designing, development and manufacturing. The fridge magnet is one of the most good carriers for souvenirs, gifts and presents due to its medium size

Gift Snow Globe

Gift Snow Globe